Join Letterhead Fonts

If you've created a font or want to create a font that is both unusual and useful, then we'd like to see it. Letterhead Fonts is always looking for talented artists who want to create high-quality fonts. We believe that as the creator of the font, you deserve to be compensated for your talent and time. That's why Letterhead Fonts pays royalty rates as high as 65% for exclusive contributors.

Here are some submission guidelines:

1. If sending vector samples, please send in .ai format. Letterhead Fonts doesn't sell TrueType fonts, so please only submit Postscript OpenType fonts if sending a complete font file. Send your samples to:

2. Your style must be unique. Please do some research to make sure what you are submitting hasn't already been done.

3. Your style should be useful. Ask yourself these questions: Can a design be made from your font? Do all the letters work well together? Who would use your font?

4. If sending vector letters, please make sure that the paths are drawn correctly and cleanly.

5. Please include a link to your website or portfolio if you have one.