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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a custom font/logo?
Looking for a designer? Need a sign made? Please see our list of talented designers and sign artists who proudly use our fonts.

Can I try the fonts before I buy?
Yes, we have a handy TypeTester which allows you to type your own message using the fonts. When you're ready to purchase, just click on the "Download" button at the bottom.

Why aren't the fonts showing up in my program?
The program was open during installation
Most programs must be closed when you install the fonts. If the fonts are not appearing in the list, restart the program for the changes to take effect.

Not looking for correct name
All Letterhead fonts begin with the preface "LHF". This means that the Unlovable font is actually named "LHF Unlovable" and therefore would appear within the L's in alphabetical order.

Fonts not installed correctly
Please make sure that you have followed the instructions for installing the fonts and that you have properly extracted the fonts from the .zip package they came in. Attempting to place the .zip package itself into the Font folder will not install the fonts. They must be extracted first. A good test is to see if the fonts are available in WordPad (PC) or SimpleText (Mac). If the fonts appear there, then the fonts are installed correctly and the problem is something else.

Program doesn't support Postscript OpenType fonts
If your program is older (pre-2000), there is a chance that it cannot use Postscript OpenType fonts at all. Check the program compatibility chart. If you are in doubt as to whether your applications can use Postscript OpenType fonts, please download and install our .OTF test font prior to ordering.

When do I receive the fonts?
Verified accounts may download fonts immediately with no waiting. If you have not placed an order with us before, your account must be manually verified before you may download the fonts. During our regular working hours of Monday-Friday, 7am-6pm PST, all accounts are verified within 30 minutes. Please ensure that you provide accurate information when creating your account. Erroneous information may result in delays. Once your account has been verified, you will receive an email instructing you to login to your account and download the fonts. Future purchases will not encounter any delay.

Can I buy the fonts/scrollwork in your website design?
Both the fonts and scrollwork are custom graphics that were made exclusively for the website design, they are not for purchase.

Do you offer any quantity discounts?
Yes. Check out our popular 4 for $199 package where you choose any 4 fonts for only $49.75 each (even fonts that are regularly $52!) Additional fonts after 4 are also discounted, so the more you buy, the more you save. A few fonts don't qualify though-- usually new releases or premium fonts.

Can you identify this font?
Sorry, we are unable to provide font identification. Although, you may find the "What The Font" utility helpful:

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