Tutorial: How to create easy logos using LHF Crimson & Adobe Illustrator




Royal Crimsonby Denise Bayers
Royal Crimson is classically beautiful with its highly decorative uppercase and sharp serifs. Perfect for designs requiring an old world appearance. Set includes 3 different fonts designed to be used together. You might also like: Euphoria 2.

Type your message using "LHF Royal Crimson Regular", then duplicate it and change the copied text to "LHF Royal Crimson Shadow" to create a shadow that is easy to color. Finally, duplicate the text again and change the copied text to "LHF Royal Crimson Inset" to create an inset design that can be colored separately from the letters. Because the 3 layers are separate from each other, it makes it easy to modify the colors and opacity of each.

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Royal Crimson Regular

Royal Crimson Shadow (Use with Regular)

Royal Crimson Inset (Use with Regular)