When you purchase Ballpark Script or Ephemera you also receive a swash font. This swash font contains various decorative swashes in place of characters. The following demonstrates how to use these swash fonts.

1. Type your text
Type desired text using "Ballpark Script" or "Ephemera". Although Ballpark and Ephemera letters have been designed to connect properly, additonal kerning may be necessary depending on the program you are using.

Good Kerning

Bad Kerning

2. Type desired swash
Using the "Ballpark Swashes" or "Ephemera Swashes" font, type a key to generate a swash. Swashes are set in place of characters on keys A-Z, a-z and 1-0. See this key guide for examples of each swash and it's corresponding key. It is important to type this swash key at the same size as your Ballpark or Ephemera letters that you typed in step 1.

3. Attach swash to letters
Position swash under word and attach to the last letter. Zoom in tight for a perfect fit. If swash crashes into bottom of letters, it has been resized. The swash should be typed at the same size as the letters to fit properly.