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Aledo1.1by David Parr
Authentic Western typeface from sign designer David Parr with several styles, giving you many options for creative uses. Set includes all 6 fonts shown below. It's important to note that Aledo Shadow 1 and Aledo Shadow 2 are only meant to be used together. At first glance, Aledo Regular and Shadow 1 might look the same, but Shadow 1 has wider spacing than Regular to allow it to be used with Shadow 2. See the designs on the left for examples on how to use those 2 fonts. You might also like: Kodiak.

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Aledo Regular

Aledo Decorative

Aledo Distressed

Distressed Detail

Aledo Fade

Fade Detail

Aledo Shadow 1 (to be used with Aledo Shadow 2)

Aledo Shadow 2 (to be used with Aledo Shadow 1)

Shadow Detail