Mark SearfossContributor
Mark's been drawing since he was old enough to hold a pencil. Since graduating Columbus College of Art & Design in 1995, he's made a career as a professional art director and spends much of his free time on the hunt for unique typographic signs and advertising from the early 1900s. Recently, after discovering an intriguing label, he began sketching letters more frequently and thus his first font LHF Elixir was born. Mark shares his drive, influences, and insights in an enlightening article found here.

Elixir by Mark Searfoss
LHF Elixir
Emporium by Mark Searfoss
LHF Emporium
Robusto by Mark Searfoss
LHF Robusto
Swindler by Mark Searfoss
LHF Swindler
Trolley by Mark Searfoss
LHF Trolley
Whistler by Mark Searfoss
LHF Whistler

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