Accessing LHF Tributary alternates using BabelMap for PC




Tributary1.3by David Parr
Beautiful fluid flourishes contrast with bold strokes to create an extremely well-balanced typeface & a fine example of expertly executed calligraphy. The Distressed letters have been carefully designed to give it a freshly-inked appearance. David has packed in 114 OpenType surprises and bonus alternates. You might also like Hindlewood.

Download the printable keyguide here.

Download the printable alternates keyguides here.

Special note: If your program does not allow you to access OpenType alternate characters, we've included 4 extra fonts for accessing the alternates: LHF Tributary Regular Alt. 1 & 2 and LHF Tributary Distressed Alt. 1 & 2.

$49 Download

Only $35 when you buy 4 or more

Tributary Regular

Tributary Distressed

Distressed Detail

Download the printable keyguide here.