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How do I know which fonts I can share?
That's a good question and we appreciate those who earnestly ask it. It tells us that you desire to abide by the law and respect our work. There is an abundance of free fonts available on the internet. Free fonts may be shared freely with others. But some fonts are considered commercial fonts. Commercial fonts may not be shared. They are licensed only to the original purchaser. This means that only the person or company that purchased the fonts may use them. Commercial fonts are usually better quality than free fonts because more time was spent in creating them (research, drawing, spacing, etc). The creators of commercial fonts charge for their fonts in order to compensate for their skill and time. Many creators of commercial fonts are graphic designers and sign artists just like you. And they rely on their fonts for income.
Sharing Letterhead Fonts is piracy
Sharing of any Letterhead Fonts is strictly prohibited. All Letterhead Fonts are sold as commercial font software through the Letterhead Fonts website only. We are the creators and exclusive distributors of Letterhead Fonts. Letterhead Fonts does not release free fonts. Sharing of commercial font software (even without monetary gain) is considered piracy and is protected under the laws of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Letterhead Fonts does not hesitate to prosecute those who choose to share and pirate our fonts. Such action is investigated by the FBI and can result in 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.

Account information embedded
Each Letterhead Font contains the account information of the original purchaser. The fonts you purchase are licensed to you only. Letterhead Fonts does not hesitate to prosecute the original purchaser when we discover a font has been shared. In addition to the fines provided by the DMCA, Letterhead Fonts will also seek damages for each pirated copy as a result of the original purchaser's negligence. Protect yourself by not sharing.

How to identify Letterhead Fonts
We trust that you are an honest person and want to obey the laws protecting us so that we can continue to make new fonts for you. Before you share any fonts with others, please check the following:

First, check the filename:

Next, double-click on the font:

Note that older Letterhead Fonts do not contain the purchaser's information as shown above, but is instead encoded into the fonts invisibly.
Help us continue our craft
The artists who create Letterhead Fonts need your support and encouragement. It is discouraging to spend several months creating an original font and then see it being shared freely in a few weeks. The artists who create these unique fonts rely on them for their income. Please continue to support these artists and encourage them to make new fonts by not sharing Letterhead Fonts with others.

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Which fonts can I share?

Effects of Piracy on Letterhead Fonts
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