Using LHF Desire

Charles Borges de Oliveira, the creator of LHF Desire, packed in over 700 glyphs into one font. The method you use to access these glyphs will vary depending on the application you are using.

Notice that in the zip package you received 5 fonts. In most cases, you will only need to install "LHF Desire Pro" and not the other 4 "GC" versions. Please read each of the options below before installing and using these unique fonts. Please contact us if you have any questions or require additional assistance.

Option 1
The following applications feature a glyph palette, making it easy to access the hidden alternates. Therefore, install only the LHF Desire Pro font if you are using these applications:

•Adobe Illustrator CS and newer
•Adobe Photoshop CC and newer
•CorelDRAW X6.4 and newer*
•Adobe InDesign 1 and newer
•QuarkXPress 7 and newer

The LHF Desire Pro font contains all of the 763 glyphs in one font file. Using the glyphs is as easy as selecting them from within your application's glyph palette.

If you are not using an application that features a glyph palette or you do not have a third party application to help you access the hidden alternates, please refer to Option 2 or 3 below.

Learn how to use the "Insert Special Characters" function within Corel DRAW to access the hidden alternates for LHF Desire.

Option 2
If your application does not feature a glyph palette, you may use our "Glyph Copier" in conjunction with the LHF Desire GC1, GC2, GC3 & GC4 fonts to access the hidden alternates. Install all 5 LHF Desire fonts if you are using older applications such as:

•Adobe Photoshop CS6 and older
•CorelDRAW X6.3 and older

The "GC" versions contain all the alternate characters distributed between 4 font files with the default glyphs in the "Pro" version. Do not attempt to use these "GC" fonts without the aid of our Glyph Copier, since they won't function like normal fonts.

Once all 5 LHF Desire fonts have been installed, access the Glyph Copier for the LHF Desire GC fonts on the LHF Desire page. Learn how to access LHF Desire's alternates using the Glyph Copier in this video.

Gerber Omega, Flexisign, and SignLab will not display some glyphs due to their 217 glyph limitation. Option 3 below is recommended when using these applications.

Option 3
The following third party applications may be used in conjunction with your design software to access the hidden alternates. Therefore, install only the LHF Desire Pro font if you are using these applications to access hidden alternates:

•Windows Character Map
•Babel Map
•Some font management applications

Learn how to access hidden alternates using the third party applications listed above:

Windows Character Map

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