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Accessing LHF Desire's alternates using the Glyph Copier

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Get "Borges Catchwords 1" font free when you download Desire

Desire1.2by Charles Borges
With over five years of design and development, Desire is ready to help you and your clients make a statement by adding elegance and unique flair to your next design project.

Featuring 651 hand-crafted alternate letters, 98 ligatures, 8 flourishes and 6 catchwords, Desire offers an expansive set of options for the designer, making it the perfect choice for books, magazines, packaging, branding and signage. From period style and Victorian to modern and elegant, Desire is strong and stately, yet elegant and decorous. View all bonus glyphs here.

Many of the alternate uppercase letters feature delicate line flourishes creating a subtle background for the letters. The result is an intertwining and beautifully flourished design. Unique ligatures go beyond function and add eye catching flair and style. Desire gives the professional artist endless creative possibilities and makes designing exciting and fun. With over 700 glyphs, it's a different font everytime you use it!

In addition to "LHF Desire", we've included 4 extra bonus fonts: LHF Desire GC1, GC2, GC3 & GC4. If your application does not feature a glyph palette, you may use our Glyph Copier with LHF Desire GC1, GC2, GC3 & GC4 to access hidden alternates. If your application does have a glyph palette then you do not need to install and use these 4 bonus fonts.

Please note that because of the complexity of this font set, it is not recommended for novice users. However, designers experienced with using OpenType Pro fonts will appreciate the freedom LHF Desire provides.

Includes "Borges Catchwords 1" font free.

$59 (reg. $99) Download

You receive the following 5 fonts:
LHF Desire Pro   (all 763 glyphs in one font)
LHF Desire GC 1   (for use with Glyph Copier)
LHF Desire GC 2   (for use with Glyph Copier)
LHF Desire GC 3   (for use with Glyph Copier)
LHF Desire GC 4   (for use with Glyph Copier)

Using LHF Desire
It is recommended to install and use LHF Desire Pro since it contains all glyphs. If you choose to use this "Pro" version, you do not need to install the other fonts. Using the glyphs is as easy as selecting them from within your application's character palette. However, if your application does not allow you to view and select glyphs using a character palette, you may wish to install the other "GC" fonts as well. This will allow you to use the Glyph Copier in conjunction with the "GC" fonts.

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