The term "bold" is somewhat subjective, especially since much of our work seems to fall into this category. Here, I've attempted to curate fonts with thick strokes that leave less negative space in the middle of the letters. As a result, these are our boldest of the bold offerings. The overall "darkness" of the font can also be affected by the spacing between each letter. These fonts usually look best paired with lighter weight fonts for layout contrast.

Alarm Block by Rob Cooper
LHF Alarm Block
American Sans by Arthur Vanson
LHF American Sans
Anna Banana 2 by Dave Correll
LHF Anna Banana
Bakersfield by Mark Searfoss
LHF Bakersfield
Becker No. 45 by Kaitlin Sims
LHF Becker No. 45
Big Bob by David Parr
LHF Big Bob
Big Dog by Chuck Davis
LHF Big Dog
Boston Truckstyle by Ken McTague
LHF Boston Truckstyle
Brooklyn by John Davis
LHF Brooklyn font
Burly by Mark Searfoss
LHF Burly
Carnivàle by Patrick Kalange
LHF Carnivale font
Cartoon Cowboy by Chuck Davis
LHF Cartoon Cowboy
Castlerock by David Parr
LHF Castlerock
Cavalero by Denise Bayers
LHF Cavalero
Centennial Banker by Mike Jackson
LHF Centennial Banker
Champ by Mark Searfoss
LHF Champ
Chunky Block by Rob Cooper
LHF Chunky Block
Cincinnati Poster by Arthur Vanson
LHF Cincinnati Poster
Conclave by Chuck Davis
LHF Conclave
Convecta by Chuck Davis
LHF Convecta
Cool Blue 2 by Chuck Davis & John Davis
LHF Cool Blue 2
Divine by Dave Correll
LHF Divine
Dublin by John Studden, David Parr, & Patrick Kalange
LHF Dublin
Fat Daddy by Denise Bayers
LHF Fat Daddy
Folklore by Steve Contreras
LHF Folklore
Garner by Duncan Wilkie
LHF Garner
Gilmore by John Studden
LHF Gilmore
Handyman by Patrick Kalange
LHF Handyman
Hensler 2 by Chuck Davis
LHF Hensler 2
Hexagon Modern by Corey Lewis
LHF Hexagon Modern
Iron Knight by John Studden
LHF ironknight
Jumbo by John Studden
LHF Jumbo
Kodiak by Charles Borges & Brian Grant
Kona Bold by Chuck Davis
LHF Kona Bold
Lincoln by Chuck Davis
LHF Lincoln
Locksmith by Mark Searfoss
LHF Locksmith
Lonerider by Chuck Davis
LHF Lonerider
Magnum 44 by Chuck Davis
LHF Magnum 44
Mister Muster by Dave Correll
LHF Mister Muster
Naylorville by Chuck Davis
LHF Naylorville
Old Stock by Chuck Davis
LHF Old Stock
Orchard by Dave Correll
LHF Orchard
Palace Bold by John Studden
LHF Palace Bold
Pickle Barrel by Dave Correll
LHF Pickle Barrel
Pipeline by John Davis
LHF Pipeline
Prince by John Studden
LHF Prince
Quadrex by Chuck Davis
LHF Quadrex
Quantum by Chuck Davis
LHF Quantum
Ransom by Denise Bayers
LHF Ransom
Razer by Denise Bayers
LHF Razer
Robusto by Mark Searfoss
LHF Robusto
Roebuck by John Studden
LHF Roebuck
Safire by Denise Bayers
LHF Safire
Shocard Rodeo by Charles Borges
LHF Sarah Script
Shogun by Denise Bayers
Spaz by Dan Sawatzky
LHF Spaz
State Fair by Mike Jackson
LHF State Fair
Splash by Chuck Davis
LHF Splash
Sugargirl by Chuck Davis
LHF Sugargirl
Tallington by Arthur Vanson
LHF Tallington
Trolley by Mark Searfoss
LHF Trolley
United Trade by John Studden & Patrick Kalange
LHF United Trade
Versatile by Charles Borges
LHF Versatile
Wade Dynamic by Arthur Vanson
LHF Wade Dynamic
Workhorse by Charles Borges & Greg Reid
Yuma by John Studden
LHF Yuma