When most people think of circus lettering, they envision the old flamboyant letters that once appeared on big top circus tents and signs from the mid to late 1800's. Styles that harken back to the days of P.T. Barnum, giant elephants, clowns and freak show exhibits. Much like the acts they promoted, circus lettering tended to be larger than life with bright colors, decorative elements and big block shadows to make the letters stand out. Nothing seemed too garish or overboard. While these are the styles most of us think of first, a font doesn't necessarily need to be vintage to be considered a circus style. I'm also including a few casual, fun fonts that sign painters used in later decades.

62 Thes by Chuck Davis & Patrick Kalange
LHF 62 Thes
62 More Thes by David Parr
LHF 62 Thes
Albury by Steve Contreras
LHF Albury
Aledo by David Parr
LHF Aledo
Bandit by Denise Bayers
LHF Bandit
Beatnik Cowboy by Denise Bayers
LHF Beatnik Cowboy
Big Bob by David Parr
LHF Big Bob
Big Top by John Studden
LHF Big Top
Bootcut by Tom Kennedy
LHF Bootcut
Boston Ballpark by John Davis
LHF Boston Ballpark
Brooklyn by John Davis
LHF Brooklyn font
Burly by Mark Searfoss
LHF Burly
Carnivàle by Patrick Kalange
LHF Carnivale font
Cincinnati Poster by Arthur Vanson
LHF Cincinnati Poster
Country Road by John Studden
LHF Country Road
Durango by Denise Bayers
Emporium by Mark Searfoss
LHF Emporium
Fast Slant by Chuck Davis
LHF Fast Slant
Firehouse by Tom Kennedy
LHF Firehouse
General Store by John Davis
LHF General Store
Grants Antique by Chuck Davis
LHF Grants Antique
Happy Fun Ball by Chuck Davis
LHF Happy Fun Ball
Hastings Gold by John Studden
LHF Hastings Gold
Jumbo by John Studden
LHF Jumbo
Majestic by Denise Bayers
LHF Majestic
Main Street Panels by Mike Jackson
LHF Main Street Panels
Nugget by John Studden, Patrick Kalange & Chuck Davis
LHF Nugget
Old Tom by Tom Kennedy
LHF Old Tom
Riverboat by John Studden
LHF Riverboat
Robusto by Mark Searfoss
LHF Robusto
Sinclair by John Studden
LHF Crystal
Signmaker 2 by Dave Correll
LHF Signmaker 2
Signwriter Roman by Chuck Davis, Patrick Kalange & Denise Bayers
LHF Signwriter Roman
Spaz by Dan Sawatzky
LHF Spaz
Splash by Chuck Davis
LHF Splash
State Fair by Mike Jackson
LHF State Fair
State Fair Panels by Mike Jackson
LHF State Fair
Tonic by Tom Kennedy
LHF Tonic
Trolley by Mark Searfoss
LHF Trolley
Vaudeville by John Studden & Patrick Kalange
LHF Vaudeville
Western Rose by John Studden
LHF Western Rose
Whistler by Mark Searfoss
LHF Whistler
Winchester 73 by John Studden
LHF Winchester 73
Yuma by John Studden
LHF Yuma