LHF Mercantile font
Denise Bayers' late 1800's inspired multi-part font features 4 versions. Regular, Shadow, Spurs and Full (Shadow and Regular together).
Signmaker 2 font
Signmaker 2 from Dave Correll is here. Updated set includes 6 fonts, with 3 new Inlays, and a new Spurs version. Customers who previously purchased Signmaker, can download this update for only $9.
Borges Catchwords 1 font
Only from Letterhead Fonts: Set of 26 catchwords crafted from several of Charles Borges' fonts. Included free with any Charles Borges font.
LHF Flathead font
Modern racing typeface from John Davis includes regular and slanted versions. Both come complete with convex insets perfect for adding depth to your designs.
LHF Ascribe font
David Parr designed this useful Calligraphic set to have an old-world Middle Eastern feel, but with enough simplicity to use in modern designs.
LHF Encore font
Lovers of beautiful calligraphy and type will especially appreciate this elegant font family from John Davis. Set has 10 fonts and 19 bonus alternates.
LHF Antique Half Block font
A classic from Chuck Davis. Atkinson inspired block style with serifs, circa 1909.
LHF Aledo font
Authentic Western typeface from sign designer David Parr with several styles, giving you many options for creative uses.
LHF Americana Panels font
Over 70 of the finest panels from Mike Jackson. Each letter generates a finished panel, so all you need to do is add text and color.
LHF Angel font
Ultra modern and crisp. The sleekness of angel gives it a feminine appearance.
LHF Anna Banana 2 font
Ultra modern and crisp from Dave Correll. The sleekness of angel gives it a feminine appearance.
LHF Broadway Elements font
With a total of 72 ornaments, the possible combinations are endless. Each letter generates a different element, to make accenting designs easy!
LHF Calileo font
Beautiful Calligraphic font from Francis Lestingi with meticulous attention paid to the flow of the letters. The words created appear organic and hand-lettered.
LHF Basher font
Fun to use, casual style from Dave Correll. Use Regular and Bold together to create contrast.
LHF Equinox font
Extended style with jumbo decorative caps from Chuck Davis.
LHF Cincinnati Poster font
Timeless poster one-stroke, variations have been seen since the invention of the poster-brush up to the present.
LHF Americana Ribbons font
Over 70 of the finest ribbons from Mike Jackson. Each letter generates a finished panel, so all you need to do is add text and color.
LHF Coffee Shop font
Dave Correll's bouncy bold letters attract attention when paired with a thinner font. Includes a Fancy version.
LHF Conservatory font
The sharp decorative curves make this an eye-catching set by John Studden. Pairs well with scripts.
LHF Dickinson font
Classic turn-of-the-century style used frequently on stock certificates. Watch the tutorial for tips on creating angled text in Photoshop.
LHF Enchanted font
Easy to read letters makes it a nice substitute for fancier scripts. Use where you need a casual yet elegant script.
LHF Centennial Panels 3 font
36 hand-crafted old fashioned panels from Mike Jackson. Each letter generates a unique panel, like the one shown above. See them all.
LHF Esoteric 3 font
This latest incarnation of Esoteric features 3 fonts: Regular, Spurs, and Fancy.
LHF Fat Cat font
With a 30's/40's era appeal, Fat Cat is ideal for retro designs. Includes alternates.
LHF Country Road font
A rustic and easy to read vintage Western style by John Studden. Watch the tutorial for tips on creating fade and line effects.
LHF Factory font
We're sure you'll appreciate the versatility of this unique old fashioned style from Dave Smith. Includes lowercase alternates.
LHF Becker No. 45 font
3 fonts perfect for conveying messages quickly and clearly. Includes regular, shadow, and spurs versions.
LHF Carnivál font
Thanks to Joseph Vincent & Todd Allen for submitting the winning name "Carnivàle" for Patrick Kalange's new font to be released April 25th.
Free 950 Vintage Panel
Download this free vector scroll panel with any purchase. Expertly drawn by Patrick Kalange. Goes well with our LHF Bank Note font.
Borges Catchwords 2 font
Only from Letterhead Fonts: Set of 26 catchwords crafted from several of Charles Borges' fonts. Add these to your favorite fonts for extra impact.
LHF 62 The's font
62 hand drawn "Thes" expertly crafted and ready for your designs. Each letter corresponds to a different "The" - a useful addition to the designer's toolbox.
LHF Spencer font
Veteran sign artist John Studden's latest creation exemplifies the quirkiness of late 1800's lettering. Uppercase is set below the baseline, adding a hand drawn look.
LHF Comic Caps 2 font
New from Chuck Davis, LHF Comic Caps 2 features all new letters than the original, plus bonus swashes and balloons. Download set for $15.
Fonts Under $40
Over 75 fonts under $40 dollars. Many styles to choose from, including classics, best sellers, and a few hidden gems.
LHF Zenith font
Distinctive retro 50's style inspired by an old Zenith radio magazine ad. Includes 6 bonus alternates.
LHF Advertisers Square font
An old fashioned letterstyle circa 1920's, inspired by Al Imelli's "Advertiser's Square". Get this font for free.
LHF Cameo font
Cameo from Tom Kennedy is a perfect substitute for the overused "Copperplate" font and works well where an extended classic typeface is required.
LHF Aristocrat font
John Studden was inspired by a 1930's advertisement when he made this Art Deco font.
LHF Atheltic Club font
This collegiate-style font is perfect for team uniforms and shirts. Easy to read classic lettering fits just about any sport. Find out how to get it for free.
LHF Bergling Panels font
An assortment of 42 expertly drawn decorative vector panels in the form of a single font. Download the panel above for free.
LHF Big Top font
An interesting typeface that grew out of early era English circus lettering. Comes with a Shadow version.
LHF Bounce Script font
Charles Borges' versatile hand-lettered script with a hint of retro styling and lots of punch.
LHF Californian font
A unique hand-lettered Calligraphic typeface with hints of Gothic styling. Set includes 3 fonts: Light, Bold & Antique.
LHF Centennial Banker font
Mike Jackson's currency typeface is perfect for replicating the style of money and old stock certificates.
LHF Chateau font
Classic Victorian styling makes this the perfect font for refined designs requiring an early 1900's look.
LHF Classic Caps font
A timeless classic with a slight Western appearance. The unusual curves and bends make these letters a focal point.
LHF Conclave font
Set includes 3 fonts: Flat, Round, and Sharp. The geometrical angles give Conclave its masculine appearance.
LHF Divine font
An easy-to-read Blackletter style from Dave Correll. LHF Divine has a hand- lettered personality that keeps it from being too stiff.
LHF Blacksmith font
Dave Correll mixed Western & modern styles for this unique Blacksmith set. Comes with a free bonus.
LHF Essendine 2 font
A traditional Roman typeface done brush style. Inspired by the legendary Trajan's Column. Comes with a bonus Extras font featuring over 50 decorations.
LHF Americana Ornaments font
Over 70 of the finest ornaments from Mike Jackson. Each letter generates a decorative ornament for to make the designing process easy and fun.
LHF Mocha Script
A sign painter's script that is used for the city and state lettering on Truck doors. Looks good wherever a hand-lettered look is needed. This font has over 243 characters which includeds alternates, ligatures and special end characters.
LHF Brooklyn font
John Davis' new font, captures the letterstyle of the late 1800's posters and traveling circus prints. Set includes 8 fonts.
LHF Safire font
New from Denise Bayers, a sharp 4 font set with stylish curves. Includes Shadow versions.
LHF 62 Ands font
62 hand drawn "Ands" expertly crafted and ready for your designs. Each letter corresponds to a unique and stylish "And" or "&".
LHF Workhorse font
A classic Sign Painter's Gothic developed by Greg Reid and Charles Borges. Exaggerated sharp corners replicate real brush strokes, for a true hand-painted look.
LHF Desire font
LHF Desire by Charles Borges offers an expansive set of options for the designer, making it the perfect choice for books, magazines, packaging, branding and signage.
LHF Phantom font
Denise Bayers' modern spin on a Gothic style. Includes a separated lined drop Shadow font. LHF Phantom is a perfect balance of graceful curves and sharp corners.
4 for $199 Package
Create your own custom package. Download 5 or more qualifying fonts for only $29.80 each. Click here to choose your fonts.
LHF Ambrosia font
An old turn of the century style commonly used on billheads, letterheads, certificates, etc.
LHF Bank Note font
Original uses for this typeface included stock certificates and bills. The shadow version helps you to replicate currency nicely.
LHF Becker Classic font
A serious Roman font inspired by 30's era sign painter Alf Becker. Features beautifully balanced strokes courtesy of Dave Smith.
LHF Big Bob font
Classic Sign Painter's casual from David Parr. Perfect for children's books or light hearted designs.
LHF Bootcut font
Unusual Western style set by Tom Kennedy featuring 3 versions: Regular, Spurs, and Fancy. Small caps differ slightly and are raised a bit higher than the uppercase letters.
LHF Cafe Corina font
Enjoy this one of a kind custom creation from Chuck Davis. Unexpected curves make these letters captivating.
LHF Castlerock font
Unusual Gothic style from David Parr, reminiscent of Sanborn Map Company designs from the early 1900's.
LHF Cartoon Cowboy font
Fun to use casual Western set from Chuck Davis that includes 2 versions. Letters are staggered (some are HiGhEr ThAn OtHeRs) for a loose hand-lettered look.
LHF Claretian font
Stylish modern typeface from sign artist Rob Cooper. Thin to thick curves make it pleasing to read.
LHF Colonial Roman font
Classic Roman style from Tom Kennedy.
LHF Corrie font
The thin elegant letters make Corrie ideal for designs that require sophistication.
LHF Betterbilt font
This 1920's era style includes 3 versions: Regular, Spurs and Distressed. Distressed version has been carefully designed to ensure no overlapping points or flaws.
LHF Egyptian font
An old Sign Painter's Gothic. Reminiscent of hand painted letters from the 40's and 50's. Ideal for sub copy.
LHF Alarm Block font
A Bold sans serif that grabs attention. See examples of how to show off your designs by pairing this font with a thin script.
LHF Engravers Ornaments font
Tom Kennedy gives us over 60 hand-drawn thin ornaments to add appeal to any design.
LHF Fine Line Roman font
Rob Cooper's famous, unique Roman style. The longer serifs make this Roman Style stand out in a crowd.
LHF Kips Bay font
Easy to read old fashioned typeface that gives an instant classic feel to any design. Includes 2 versions.