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LHF Workhorse font
Modern racing typeface from John Davis includes regular and slanted versions. Both come complete with convex insets perfect for adding depth to your designs.
Fonts Under $40
Over 75 fonts under $40 dollars. Many styles to choose from, including classics, best sellers, and a few hidden gems.
LHF Welo Thin font
Patrick Kalange designed this Art Deco style font to be widely spaced, allowing for the subtle beauty of the letters to shine.
LHF Encore font
Lovers of beautiful calligraphy and type will especially appreciate this elegant font family from John Davis. Set has 10 fonts and 19 bonus alternates.
LHF Dark Horse font
Denise Bayers created LHF Dark Horse to have unexpected striking curves, giving it an agressive, yet graceful look. Save $13 through Oct. 31st.
LHF Branding Iron font
Inspired by Alf R. Becker, Patrick Kalange has reimagined this classic 1930's Western style font, complete with new rounded characters and an overall balanced feel.
LHF Old Tom
Old Tom is Tom Kennedy's condensed vintage style originally inspired by a late 1800's "French Condensed" sign painter's style.
LHF Desire font
LHF Desire by Charles Borges offers an expansive set of options for the designer, making it the perfect choice for books, magazines, packaging, branding and signage.
LHF Old Stock font
Chuck Davis designed this commanding font to have thick strokes so you can apply bevels and other creative decoration. The Shadow versions have angled lines to mimic the engraved look of the period.
LHF Signmaker font
Very popular, superb old fashioned lettering from sign artist Dave Correll.
LHF Brushwork font
This easy to read calligraphic style from sign artist Dave Correll, was originally created for his own logo.
LHF Sheridan Script font
Retro-inspired font set from sign artist David Parr. Includes 6 different versions with 15 bonus alternates on seldom used punctuation keys.
LHF Monogram Oval
John Davis' useful set includes 4 fonts that work together to create quick and professional monogram designs.
LHF Royal Crimson font
Royal Crimson is classically beautiful with its highly decorative uppercase and sharp serifs. Denise Bayers' font is perfect for designs requiring an old world appearance.
LHF Kung Faux Font
Easy to read Asian style set from Chuck Davis.With 2 versions and tons of useful alternates, you'll find many design options.
LHF Birgitta Font
A beautiful Roman style that never seems to go out of style. The thin strokes and curves are pleasing to the eye, making it perfect for signs.
4 for $199 Package
Create your own custom package. Download 5 or more qualifying fonts for only $29.80 each. Click here to choose your fonts.
LHF Tributary font
New from David Parr, this set is an extremely well-balanced typeface with beautiful flourishes and bold strokes. Includes over 100 alternates.
Font Packages
The finest fonts by your favorite artists in convenient, money-saving packages. Choose from styles like Fire Truck and Racing, to Scripts and Western.
4 for $199 Package
Create your own custom package. Download 4 or more qualifying fonts for only $49.75 each. Click here to choose your fonts.
LHF Asylum font
A ragged jagged speedstyle from Chuck Davis. This font is perfect for any mad scientist or extreme design.
LHF Boot Camp font
Alternate typing between upper and lower case to give this versatile and easy to read font from Denise Bayers, an authentic, aged look.
LHF Retro Ricky font
This 60's-era font set from Denise Bayers features lowercase letters set slightly lower. Alternating between upper and lowercase will give you a fun, bouncy feel.
LHF Chicago Script font
This Charles Borges' script takes full advantage of the Open Type format with several automatic ligatures that occur as you type for a nicer fit.
LHF Kona Bold Font
A perfect blend of vintage and modern styles. Bold and readable at any size, which make it great for titles or headings.
LHF Five and Dime font
John Studden's handy 40's/50's style was inspired by sign painter E.C. Matthews. Perfect for logos and posters. Features small serifs for streamlined readability.
LHF Shogun font
Denise Bayers gives us this modernistic style, complete with sharp corners and eye-catching, bold letters that command your viewer's attention. Includes Convex version.
LHF Unlovable font
The letters in this Chuck Davis font have been carefully designed to flow together and interact with each other so well that your customers will probably think you created their design by hand.
LHF Ephemera font
Tom Kennedy's old fashioned script was inspired by letterheads from the late 1800's and early 1900's. Set includes three fonts including a swash font.
LHF Timberlodge 2 Font
Extended Western font with 3 different decorative insets and a 2 part shadow effect. Watch the tutorial.
LHF Monogram Diamond Font
You get 4 fonts that work together to create quick and professional monogram designs. Perfect for adding a personal touch to logos, invitations, and signs.
LHF Roebuck Font
With sharp serifs and bold letters, LHF Roebuck is distinctly masculine. It was used on the 2013 Johnny Cash stamp design by Greg Breeding. See more bold designs.
LHF Aloha Script font
Veteran sign painter Pierre Tardif and lettering artist Charles Borges have teamed up to bring you these fun to use retro fonts.
LHF Cool Blue 2 Font
A 3 font set that projects a friendly, yet professional image, making it perfect for logos or signs. You get Bold, Regular, & Thin.
LHF Workhorse font
A classic Sign Painter's Gothic developed by Greg Reid and executed by Charles Borges.
LHF Kodiak font
Sign painter Brian Grant and Charles Borges bring you this unique Western style reminiscent of truck lettering from the 70's. Have fun experimenting with 185 bonus alternates!
LHF Phantom font
Denise Bayers' modern spin on a Gothic style. Includes a separated lined drop Shadow font. LHF Phantom is a perfect balance of graceful curves and sharp corners.
LHF Majestic font
Denise Bayers' latest stylish font has top and bottom spikes to give it a masculine, Gothic appeal.
LHF Ascribe font
David Parr designed this useful Calligraphic set to have an old-world Middle Eastern feel, but with enough simplicity to use in modern designs.
LHF Handyman font
LHF Handyman from Patrick Kalange, is a fresh take on 1940's traditional Gothic sign lettering. Handy for logos, signs, and poster work.
Free Gifts
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LHF Woodmere font
LHF Woodmere from John Davis, is a bold, masculine letter style inspired by old fire trucks from the late 1920's.
LHF Heller's Script font
John Studden and David Parr collaberated on this friendly, retro style script evoking the spirit of the 50's hand-drawn advertising world.
LHF Billhead font
Inspired by period style billheads and letterheads, these three typefaces by Tom Kennedy, are uniquely different, yet they have also been designed to interchange with one another.
LHF Alpine Script font
Crisp, clean and easy to read. This sharp script from Charles Borges, features 5 bonus alternates exclusively for Letterhead Fonts.
LHF Lakeside font
Designing is a breeze with this set from Dave Correll. You get a total of 6 different fonts to mix and match as you please.
LHF Ross Antique Roman font
This beautiful classic period font from John Studden, is named after the superbly talented Ross F. George, original author of the Speedball Text Book.
LHF Confection font
Truly inspired and masterful work, Confection from Tom Kennedy was nearly a year in production.
LHF Pipeline font
Large lowercase letters and bonus automatic ligatures ensure easy readability. This John Davis font it perfect for modern designs.
LHF Spirit Script font
Fresh off the brush and into your computer. Your sure to find lots of uses for this bold and lively script from sign artist Dave Correll.
LHF Red Sable Script font
Arthur Vanson made another beauty. You're sure to have lots of fun with this one! 3 font set includes 2 scripts plus an 'Extras" font.
LHF Gilmore font
A sharp lettering style from John Studden. Set includes 3 fonts: Regular, Outline, & Outline Shadow. Seen here with Classic Panels 2.
LHF Goldsmith Script Font
Old fashioned script with hand-lettered appearance from John Studden. Also includes swashes for the ends of words.