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LHF Carbondale layered font set
Vintage styling meets modern OpenType technology with this 10 layered font set from Mark Searfoss.Who knew designing could be this fun? Carbondale allows you to create professional-looking effects quickly and painlessly.
LHF Supply Co. font set
Though similar fonts abound, you'll find LHF Supply Co. to be vastly better drawn and more carefully balanced than cheaply-made versions. You receive 8 fonts in this set from Mark Searfoss.
LHF Lumbermill font
A perfect compliment to vertical fonts or scripts, LHF Lumber Mill from Mark Searfoss is a period-style workhorse typeface.
LHF Becker No. 45 font
Sign up for Burt Armstrong's Extreme Hydrating class. Just kidding. This is nothing but a shameless ploy to get you to buy the very handy LHF Becker No. 45 while it's on sale for only $15.
LHF Burly font
Inspired by old packaging and signs, Burly is authentic Americana. Easily recreate any period design accurately using its bold, commanding strokes and decorative caps. Includes over 50 bonus alternates. Check out other fonts by Mark Searfoss.
LHF Locksmith font
Typography lovers will appreciate the authentic art deco styling and expertly balanced letters in City Boy from Steve Contreras. This 3 font set includes a "Fill" font which features tapered lines indended to be used on top and a "Shadow" font for underneath.
LHF Locksmith font
Mark Searfoss brings us two versions of his commanding western style with chunky serifs. You receive both Regular and Fancy fonts in this set. Use Locksmith in conjunction with lighter weight fonts for an interesting contrast of weights.
LHF Classic Caps 2 font
Version 2 of John Studden's popular font features completely redrawn glyphs with cleaner points, all new kerning, small caps and 34 bonus alternates. Rounded serifs make it easy to read and great for router carving.
LHF Bluegrass font
Bluegrass from Mark Searfoss is authentic Americana with its sweeping sharp curls and split serifs on the Fancy & Fancy Spur caps. This style immediately invokes a handcrafted feel while maintaining readability, making it perfect for signs, labels and logos. 3 versions to choose from.
LHF Elixir 2 font
All new version of our popular Elixir style is available with new "Wood" and "Faded" fonts. This vintage layered font set from Mark Searfoss features many updates including all new kerning, alignment fixes and new alternates. Purchase the complete set of 6 fonts or download separately.

In this informative video, Chuck Davis shows you how the new layered LHF Counselor fonts work and how to get the most out of them.
Free 4th of July Vector Panel
Download this fully vectorized .EPS 4th of July Panel free with any purchase. Expertly drawn by Chuck Davis using modified scrollwork by Mike Jackson and Corner Specimens, by Tom Kennedy. Includes both outline and colored versions. Select 4th of July Panel at checkout.
Chuck Davis has drawn some weird and unusual kids for various projects over the years. Maybe you'll find one useful for your own project. You never know. Better download 'em just in case. You receive 12 color vector cartoons for free!
Free Commie Caps font
Revisit the joy of the Cold War era with this propaganda style lettering. Perfect for video games, books & magazines. Includes 36 bonus alternates. Choose as your free bonus gift with any purchase.
Alphonse Mucha Panel Set
Download this Alphonse Mucha four panel vector set, free with any purchase. Expertly drawn by Patrick Kalange. Includes both outline and color versions. Select Mucha Panel Set 1 at checkout.
LHF Tributary font
Beautiful fluid flourishes contrast with bold strokes to create an extremely well-balanced typeface by David Parr.
Download this beautiful flourished 'and' sample vector from the David Parr's LHF Tributary font set for free! This is only a small sample of the quality that David put into his Tributary set.
Journey of A Letter Video
Patrick Kalange & the journey of a letter (in this case LHF Nugget) from initial sketch to finished font.
LHF Dark Horse font
Denise Bayers has added a new solid version to her LHF Dark Horse set. This is a useful compliment to the distressed versions and free for customers who purchased before 2/13/19. Please follow these steps for updating your fonts.
LHF Cordial font
Inspired by late 1890's American bottle labels, cigar bands and tobacco packaging, this versatile font from Mark Searfoss, combines a unique mix of both decorative and basic characters for added design flexibility. Set includes 7 versions: Regular, Block Shadow, Cast Shadow, Drop Shadow, Lined Inset, Mesh Inset, and Solid Inset.
LHF Iron Lace font
Inspired by old cigar labels and billheads, Patrick Kalange's latest font features 3 versions, Regular, Fancy, and Shadow. Each version contains decorative caps and over 30 bonus alternates.
LHF Swindler font
Inspired by old letterpress specimens, LHF Swindler immediately evokes the authentic feeling of the Old West. Mark Searfoss expertly crafted this unique font set with every letter in mind to ensure that overall balance and tone were correct. Download all 3 versions: Regular, Spurs and Weathered, for only $49.
LHF Americano Script font
Master sign artist Dave Correll has just completed his 22nd font. Type aficionados will appreciate this hand drawn, spurred script set which includes Regular and distressed Historic versions.
LHF Versatile font set
Patrick Kalange shows how to use Adobe Illustrator's Layers Panel to stack the various versions of LHF Versatile Bold to create a 3D text effect.
LHF Amethyst font
Denise Bayers' font, Amethyst features large decorative caps with Regular and two Shadow versions. Use the Regular version alone or finish your design with one or both of the Shadow versions.
Free Vector Panel
Download this fully hand drawn vector .EPS panel free with any purchase. Expertly drawn by Patrick Kalange. Select Vintage French Panel at checkout.
LHF Robusto font
Inspired by early American cigar box lettering, LHF Robusto is the 5th vintage style font by artist Mark Searfoss. This bold, 6 part multi-layered font features Regular, 2 Inset, and 2 Block Shadow versions, plus 20 bonus alternate characters to help you design with ease.
LHF Desire font
This beautiful typeface offers an expansive set of over 700 alternates for the designer, making it the perfect choice for books, magazines, packaging, branding and signage. Plus, download Borges Catchwords 1 for free with purchase.
Vintage Crayola Panel Free
Download this fully hand drawn vector .EPS panel free with any purchase. Expertly drawn by Patrick Kalange. Pieces can be separated as shown to suit your needs. Select Vintage Crayola Panel at checkout.
LHF Trolley font
This authentic period style was inspired by old fashioned train car lettering & coffee tins. Mark Searfoss designed the letters with a bold appearance, yet allowed for ample space inside the letters for easy readability. In addition to the Regular version, this 8 part set includes 2 Block Shadow fonts, a Lined Shadow font and 4 Decorative Inset fonts.
LHF Chromeliner font
Retro car emblem inspired style from Patrick Kalange. Set includes two fonts for your choice of wide or close spacing. Bonus: You'll also receive Patrick's special Chrome Effect Smart Object for Photoshop free.
Photoshop Tutorial Video
Patrick Kalange shows you how to use his free Smart Object to create chrome text effects easily using LHF Chromeliner.
LHF Flash Script font
This updated set includes 3 versions: Flash Script 1 with large decorative caps, Flash Script 2 with smaller casual caps, and an all new Swash version with each letter corresponding to a unique swash.
LHF Phantom font
Denise Bayers' modern spin on a Gothic style. Includes a separated lined drop Shadow font as well as 2 newly updated & stackable block shadow fonts. LHF Phantom is a perfect balance of graceful curves and sharp corners.
How Iron Lace was designed video
In this short video Patrick Kalange shows how he uses Adobe Illustrator to add decorative elements to letters in his upcoming font LHF Iron Lace.
LHF Folklore font
This unique set from veteran sign artist, Steve Contreras includes Regular and Bold weights with separate Inset fonts to make it easy to change colors quickly. Each font contains over 180 alternates.
Signwriter Roman Font
Based on lettering from Henderson's Modern Signwriter book from 1895, Signwriter Roman is a complete, well-balanced font with added spurs and other important modifications. Includes 2 versions.
Banshees and Chaparrale Renamed
A big thanks to the winners of our re-name contest: Luke Scott for suggesting that we rename "Banshees" to "Bandolier" and Cliff Butner for suggesting we rename "Chaparrale" to "Folklore". For their help, they receive a free copy of the fonts. Thanks to everyone who participated.
Information Design Tutorial
Sometimes as designers, we forget that purely informational subcopy must be designed too. In this quick tutorial, Patrick Kalange shows you a few tips for getting information across quickly to the reader.
Photoshop Gold Effect Tutorial
Patrick Kalange shows you how to use his free Photoshop Smart Object to create eye-catching gold effects using any font.
LHF Riverboat font
Any designer doing classic designs will find this set to be very versatile and a time saver. A free update for customers who purchased before 6/5/17 is available. This update contains essential improvements. Click here for details.
Vaudeville font
From the imagination of John Studden and Patrick Kalange comes this authentic vintage lettering set inspired by mirrored glass signage. Font set includes 4 multi-part versions, Inset, Regular, and 2 Block Shadow versions which can be stacked to get a "split-shade" effect.
Convecta Gold
Free with purchase of $99 or more, download these ready to use vector dimensional letters. Quickly drag and drop them into your designs. Contains CS and Legacy versions with full alphabet, numbers and punctuation.
Gold Bar Text Effect
Download this free gold effect designed by Patrick Kalange for Photoshop. Simply change the text to any word you want. Shown here with Roebuck, the effect works with any font.
LHF Old Iron font
This masterfully-crafted typeface from Steve Contreras, contains over 1000 beautiful glyphs including several OpenType features and ligatures.
Speakeasy font
Inspired by the 20's and 30's, this Art Deco style font from Denise Bayers has a light, jazzy feel. Set includes Regular, Inline & Shadow versions and an Extras font containing decorative panels and corners. This font has a free update for customers who purchased before 2/14/19. Please follow these steps for updating your fonts.
Kiwi Casual font
This friendly and relaxed font from veteran sign painter Jeff Marshall is a brushed, single-stroke letterstyle. Set includes both Regular and Inline versions.
Duetta font
Francis Lestingi's latest addition, LHF Duetta, is classic calligraphy in font form. You'll find Duetta to be bolder and more readable than most calligraphic typefaces. Set includes 2 fonts: Regular and Inline.
Sadey Ann font
Perfect for any project that requires a personal and friendly touch. Set includes 2 interchangeable versions. Download for only $35.
Jeff Marshall Script font
Veteran sign painter Jeff Marshall has been hand-lettering this script for several years. Now, for the first time, dazzle your own clients with this useful, eye-catching script.
Whistler font
Authentic period style inspired by old coffee and cigar box labels from Mark Searfoss. Set includes 6 fonts to be creative with: Regular, Shadow & 4 Insets.
Signmaker 2 font
Signmaker 2 from Dave Correll is here. Set includes 6 fonts, including 3 Inlays, and a Spurs version.
LHF Elixir font
LHF Elixir includes 4 fonts: Regular, Shadow, Inset 1 and Inset 2, each with over 50 bonus alternates.
LHF Naylorville font
This style was popular around the late 1800's. Very versatile and easy to read. Includes full punctuation, accent characters and numerals.
LHF Indian Script 2 font
Inspired by the classic Indian Motorcycle logo. Includes two fonts: LHF Indian Script 2 and LHF Indian Script 2 Swashes. The Swashes include 52 unique accents designed to attach to the ends of the Indian Script Letters.
LHF Cornbread Casual font
Dave Correll crafted his new font to have bold flowing strokes which taper to sharp ends, giving it a hand-lettered feel. Includes separate Cornbread Casual Inline font so you can change the color easily.
LHF Encore font
Lovers of beautiful calligraphy and type will especially appreciate this elegant font family from John Davis. Set has 10 fonts and 19 bonus alternates.
LHF Retro Ricky font
This 60's-era font set from Denise Bayers features lowercase letters set slightly lower. Alternating between upper and lowercase will give you a fun, bouncy feel.
LHF Beatnik Cowboy font
Part beatnik, part cowboy, this versatile set from Denise Bayers has a 50's/60's vibe with a Western flair. Set includes 5 fonts. Free update for customers who purchased before 12/21/2015.
LHF Billhead font
3 extraordinary typefaces inspired by period style billheads and letterheads. Each typeface is uniquely different, yet they have also been designed to interchange with one another.

Patrick Kalange demonstrates how to make a vintage design using LHF Elixir by new contributor Mark Searfoss.
Story Book Font
Beautiful and ornate style, perfect for book covers or posters. Features ornamental caps on upper and lowercase letters. See more examples.
LHF Hensler 2 font
Set now features new Distressed and Shadow versions for a total of 4 fonts. Free update for those who purchased before May 4th. Simply login to re-download.
Free Sanborn Panel 1
Download this free vector scroll panel with any purchase. Expertly drawn by Patrick Kalange. Select Sanborn Panel 1 at checkout.

Patrick Kalange demonstrates how to make a vintage design while accessing the alternate characters of LHF Old Iron by Steve Contreras.
LHF Americana Ornaments Font
2 fonts consisting of the best old fashioned ornaments from Mike Jackson & Golden Era Studios' "Americana Collection CD". Each font contains 36 expertly drawn decorations, corners and accents for a total of 72 ornaments.
LHF Mercantile font
Denise Bayers' late 1800's inspired multi-part font features 4 versions. Regular, Shadow, Spurs and Full (Shadow and Regular together).
LHF Signkit Script font
Dave Correll brings back the good ol' days of sign painting, when all a man needed was a few cans of paint, a bottle of turps and 2 or 3 quills. Today, this versatile 2 font set is your modern day signkit.
LHF Old Stock font
Old Stock is inspired by lettering seen on old stock certificates. Chuck Davis designed this commanding font to have thick strokes so you can apply bevels and other creative decoration.
LHF Boston Ballpark font
John Davis was inspired by the Boston Red Sox logo, which itself is modeled after old circus poster lettering from the late 1800's.
LHF 62 The's font
62 hand drawn "Thes" expertly crafted and ready for your designs. Each letter corresponds to a different "The" - a useful addition to the designer's toolbox.
LHF Monogram Oval
John Davis' useful set includes 4 fonts that work together to create quick and professional monogram designs.
LHF Old Tom
Old Tom from Tom Kennedy, is a condensed vintage style originally inspired by a late 1800's "French Condensed" sign painter's style.
LHF Bella Vista font
LHF Bella Vista is perfect for designs requiring an air of sophistication. Set includes Regular, Shadow and Inset versions.
LHF Welo Thin font
Patrick Kalange designed this Art Deco style font to be widely spaced, allowing for the subtle beauty of the letters to shine.
Free 950 Vintage Panel
Download this free vector scroll panel with any purchase. Expertly drawn by Patrick Kalange. Goes well with our LHF Bank Note font.
LHF Packard Script font
Inspired by the old Packard car logo, this set includes 3 fonts: LHF Packard Script Regular, LHF Packard Script Fancy and LHF Packard Script Swashes (to attach to the ends of the letters).
LHF Sofia Script font
This hand-lettered script from Chuck Davis, looks especially nice when used in conjunction with bolder letter styles for good contrast.
LHF Shogun font
Denise Bayers gives us this modernistic style, complete with sharp corners and eye-catching, bold letters that command your viewer's attention. Includes Convex version.
LHF Workhorse font
A classic Sign Painter's Gothic developed by Greg Reid and Charles Borges. LHF Workhorse utilizes Contextual Alternates to create random variations of the capitals and lowercase letters.
LHF Flash Script Font
Retro style script that naturally draws attention. Includes 2 versions and alternates.
LHF Boot Camp
Inspired by an old stock certificate, Boot Camp includes 7 versatile and easy to read fonts. In both distressed versions, upper and lowercase letters are different giving designs with repeated characters an authentic aged look.
LHF Sarah Script font
Great for all forms of advertising where a brush script is needed. Includes 8 lower case alternate characters, numbers, full punctuation and accents.
LHF Euphoria 2 font
Denise Bayers' Victorian style font was inspired by an old advertising letter style used throughout the late 1800's and early 1900's.
LHF Garner font
Authentic hand-lettering circa 1950's. Is it a font or hand-lettered? This old sign painter's Gothic from Duncan Wilkie would fool even a trained eye. A must have for sub-copy. 3 fonts included.
LHF Egyptian font
An old sign painter's Gothic. Reminiscent of hand painted letters from the 40's and 50's. Ideal for sub-copy.
LHF Americana Panels font
Over 70 of the finest panels from Mike Jackson. Each letter generates a finished panel, so all you need to do is add text and color.
LHF Spirit Script font
Fresh off the brush and into your computer. Your sure to find lots of uses for this bold and lively script from sign artist Dave Correll.
LHF Bootcut font
An authentic Western style set featuring 3 different versions: Regular, Spurs, & Fancy. Small caps differ slightly and are raised a bit higher than the uppercase letters.
LHF Majestic font
Denise Bayers' stylish font has top and bottom spikes to give it a masculine, Gothic appeal. See all 6 styles.
LHF Majestic font
Inspired by an early 1900's handbill from the Hamilton Bank Note Engraving & Printing Company. This font is the first of two fonts inspired by that handbill (the other is Hamilton Nailhead).
Borges Catchwords 2 font
Only from Letterhead Fonts: Set of 26 catchwords crafted from several of Charles Borges' fonts. Add these to your favorite fonts for extra impact.
LHF Kodiak font
Sign painter Brian Grant and Charles Borges bring you this unique Western style reminiscent of truck lettering from the 70's. Have fun experimenting with 185 bonus alternates!
LHF Blackstone Font
John Studden and David Parr bring you 2 different Sanborn Map style fonts. Get them separately or as a set.
LHF Timberlodge 2 Font
Extended Western font with 3 different decorative insets and a 2 part shadow effect. Watch the tutorial.
LHF Old Block font
Inspired by advertising tins and signs of the early 1900's with all the quirks of hand lettering.
Hell on Wheels signs
The show "Hell on Wheels" is definitely eye-candy for lovers of period type. We're proud that Letterhead Fonts were used for several signs on the set. Sad to see this show end.
LHF Matthew's Modern font
This unusual Art Deco style is inspired by legendary sign painter E.C. Matthews.
LHF Classic Caps font
A timeless classic with a slight Western appearance. The unusual curves and bends make these letters a focal point.
LHF Raven font
This highly unusual Sanborn Map Company style from Denise Bayers includes Regular and Spurs. Both also feature lined shadow versions.
LHF Kona Bold Font
A perfect blend of vintage and modern styles. Bold and readable at any size, which make it great for titles or headings.
LHF Branding Iron font
Inspired by Alf R. Becker, Patrick Kalange has re-imagined this classic 1930's Western style font, complete with new rounded characters and an overall balanced feel.
LHF Monogram Oval
John Davis' useful set includes 4 fonts that work together to create quick and professional monogram designs.
LHF Asylum font
A ragged jagged speedstyle from Chuck Davis. This font is perfect for any mad scientist or extreme design.
LHF Amarillo Font
Powerful square style from Chuck Davis. The sharp serifs in this set draw the viewer in for a second look.
LHF Kung Faux Font
Easy to read Asian style set from Chuck Davis. With 2 versions and tons of useful alternates, you'll find many design options.
LHF Confection font
With a total of 67 different ornamental panels, scrolls, and frames, this set is a must have for the professional designer. See more from Tom Kennedy.
LHF American Sans
A new take on a classic typeface. Use this where a condensed sans serif is essential. Includes Regular and Poster versions.
LHF Kips Bay font
Easy to read old fashioned typeface that gives an instant classic feel to any design. Includes 2 versions.
LHF Lincoln Font
This bold Chuck Davis classic is a good choice for book covers, headings and titles.
LHF Betterbilt font
This 1920's era style includes 3 versions: Regular, Spurs and Distressed. Distressed version has been carefully designed to ensure no overlapping points or flaws.
LHF Centennial Panels 3 font
36 hand-crafted old fashioned panels from Mike Jackson. Each letter generates a unique panel, like the one shown above. See them all.
LHF Mocha Script
A sign painter's script that is used for city & state lettering on Truck doors. Looks good wherever a hand-lettered look is needed. This font has over 243 characters which includes alternates, ligatures and special end characters.
LHF Equinox font
Extended style with jumbo decorative caps from Chuck Davis.
LHF Calileo font
Beautiful Calligraphic font from Francis Lestingi with meticulous attention paid to the flow of the letters. The words created appear organic and hand-lettered.
LHF Classic Caps font
A timeless classic with a slight Western appearance. The unusual curves and bends make these letters a focal point.
LHF Centennial Banker font
Mike Jackson's currency typeface is perfect for replicating the style of money and old stock certificates.
LHF Aledo font
Authentic Western typeface from sign designer David Parr with 6 styles, giving you many options for creative uses.
LHF Californian font
A unique hand-lettered Calligraphic typeface with hints of Gothic styling. Set includes 3 fonts: Light, Bold & Antique.
LHF Angel font
Ultra modern and crisp. This eye-catching font is perfect for stylish apparel and cosmetic products.
LHF Chateau font
Classic Victorian styling makes this the perfect font for refined designs requiring an early 1900's look.
LHF Zenith font
Distinctive retro 50's style inspired by an old Zenith radio magazine ad. Includes 6 bonus alternates.
LHF Bounce Script font
Charles Borges created this versatile hand-lettered script with a hint of retro styling and lots of punch.
LHF Atheltic Club font
This collegiate-style font is perfect for team uniforms and shirts. Easy to read classic lettering fits just about any sport. Find out how to get it for free.
LHF Cedar Creek font
David Parr's creation is a unique, Western style with graceful, well-balanced curves. Features large & small caps with several alternates.
LHF Aloha Script font
Veteran sign painter Pierre Tardif and lettering artist Charles Borges have teamed up to bring you these fun to use retro fonts. Each font includes 108 alternate characters and swashes to choose from.
LHF Matthew's Thin font
Inspired by E.C. Matthew's, circa 1940's. Includes small caps, numbers, full punctuation and accents.
LHF Pipeline font
Inspired by Alf Becker, this font by John Davis includes 2 versions: Regular and Inline. Large lowercase letters & bonus automatic ligatures ensure easy readability. Perfect for modern designs.
LHF Broadway Panels 1 font
36 panels from Mike Jackson's "Broadway Collection." Typing each letter generates a different design.
LHF Spaz font
Dan Sawatzky and Charles Borges got together to turn Dan's famous whimsical lettering into a font you'll enjoy playing with. Lots of fun!
LHF Tonic font
This classic style font by Tom Kennedy was used on old advertising tins in the late 1800's. Includes 2 fonts.
LHF Hambone font
This versatile style from John Davis is perfect for projects requiring an easy to read,less formal approach.
LHF Splash font
Nice eye-catching letters good for sales, promotional designs or any application where a more serious typeface would not have the same appeal. Set includes Regular & Italic fonts.
LHF General Store font
An old-fashioned typeface set which includes 4 different fonts: Regular, Fancy, Shadow, and Distressed. Each font includes alternate characters on the lowercase letters, designed to allow you to be creative and choose your favorite letters.
LHF Mystery Font
Mystery Font is part Art Nouveau, part Fantasy. Set includes 2 fonts with 12 alternate characters and 13 automatic ligatures. You'll find many uses for this highly unusual and creative font.
LHF Shocard Rodeo font
Charles Borges' unusual western style has slightly raised (and smaller) caps on the lowercase keys. Features 22 bonus alternate characters for maximum creativity. Experiment and have fun!
Main Street Ornaments font
2 fonts consisting of the best old fashioned ornaments from Golden Era Studios' "Main Street Collection CD." Each font contains 36 expertly drawn decorations, corners and accents for a total of 72 ornaments.
LHF Distressed Block font
Carefully distressed by hand (no autotrace or filters used) to ensure an expertly clean result. Contains no overlapping or stray points. Use LHF Distressed Block to easily create aged and worn looking t-shirt designs and unique logos.
LHF Metro 39 font
Originally inspired by a sign painter's Art Deco style, LHF Metro 39 is perfect for designs requiring a period feel. Set includes an Inline version that is reminiscent of letter styles that were used during the 1970's Art Deco revival period.
LHF Hazel font
You'll love this Daniel T. Ames inspired font (circa 1883). Highly unique typeface with large & small caps giving it a commanding presence.
LHF Happy Fun Ball font
2 very happy fun fonts named after the famous SNL parody commercial. Lots of personality and bounce. Perfect for lighthearted applications or designs that need to appeal to kids.
LHF Rawson & Evans font
Formerly named Cigar Shop, Rawson & Evans includes 2 vintage-era fonts: Rawson & Evans and Rawson & Evans Alternates.
LHF Pierre font
From renowned sign artist Francis Lestingi. You'll find many uses for this beautiful hand-lettered calligraphic font.
LHF Castlerock font
Unusual Gothic style inspired by Sanborn Map Company designs from the early 1900's.
LHF Orchard font
This condensed style from Dave Correll features 4 versions. Small serifs and notches on the curves give it a distinct personality.
LHF Brianna font
Chuck Davis' unusual modern typeface comes with 2 fonts: Regular and Slanted. Perfect for tech or futuristic designs..
LHF Centennial Panels 1 font
One of four fonts consisting of the best old fashioned panels from Golden Era Studios' "Centennial Collection CD." Each font contains 36 expertly drawn panels.
LHF Centennial Panels 1 font
Similar to architect's Speedstyle but with modern touches. Ideal for modern logos and designs. Use lowercase for a friendly appearance and uppercase for a more utilitarian appeal.
LHF Mister Muster font
Originally created for Mike Meyer's Letterhead meet, now you can put this handy font to use in your own projects. Features Art Deco styling, but one of the few styles of its kind to contain lowercase.
LHF Classic Panels 2 font
A vast array of 39 expertly-drawn decorative vector panels in the form of a single font. Each letter generates a different panel so you can simply insert your own text for a quick design your clients will love.
LHF Stevens Percepta font
This 6 font set from Arthur Vanson was inspired by legendary showcard writer and designer Mike Stevens. A smart alternative to Optima with lots of personality.
LHF Big Bob font
Classic sign painter's casual. Perfect for children's books or light hearted designs. You receive 3 fonts: Regular, Medium & Bold.
LHF Big Bob font
Bold, extended letters command attention. Includes Convex fonts to create 3D prismatic effects by laying them on top of the Base fonts.
LHF Waterloo font
John Studden brings us this unique font inspired by an old film title. This condensed style is easy to read and ideal for vertical spaces.
LHF Becker Classic font
A serious Roman font inspired by 30's era sign painter Alf Becker. Features beautifully balanced strokes courtesy of Dave Smith.
LHF Broadway Panels 2 font
36 panels from Golden Era Studios' "Broadway Collection". Typing each letter generates a different design.
LHF Advertisers Square font
This easy to read, versatile letterstyle was inspired by Al Imelli's "Advertiser's Square" (circa 1920's). Modifications were made and alternates added.
LHF Corrie font
Inspired by Walter Corrie's book featuring illustrations, lettering and ornamental panel designs from 1904-1921.
LHF Magnum 44 font
Loose marker style created as a tribute to the Magnum 44 markers used for graffiti. Slight variation of style for the lowercase keys.
LHF Alarm Block font
Bold sans serif font from Rob Cooper. Originally hand-lettered on a magnetic sign for an alarm company.
LHF Gypsy font
Inspired by a tattoo sign Rob Cooper did in Thailand. Includes numbers, full punctuation and accents.
LHF Bulldog font
Originally created for a project requiring a 40's retro look. Bold strokes make it perfect for headings and blocks of copy.
LHF Ambrosia font
An old turn of the century style commonly used on billheads, letterheads, certificates, etc.
LHF Golden Art Elements font
2 fonts consisting of the best old fashioned elements from Golden Era Studios' Americana, Broadway, and Centennial collections. Each font contains 36 expertly drawn decorations and accents for a total of 72 ornaments. Each letter generates a different design.
LHF Wade Dynamic font
Another casual retro font inspired by Cecil Wade. Wade Dynamic gives off a friendly vibe without appearing cartoonish.
LHF Orange Grove font
Whimsical serif typeface from Mike Erickson with calligraphy style nicks and cuts in each letter for a hand-lettered appearance.
LHF Americana Ribbons font
Mike Jackson serves up 62 expertly-drawn decorative ribbons from his Americana Collection CD. A perfect companion to Americana Panels font set. At only 84 cents each, you're sure to find unlimited uses for these old fashioned ribbons. Each letter generates a different design.
LHF Chunky Block font
A fun to use casual style reminiscent of Neuland. Perfect for not-so-serious signs and logos.
LHF Silent Movie font
LHF Silent Movie has been created by carefully studying the styles of lettering artist of the early 1900's. Suggested uses include greeting cards, signs and old labels. LHF Silent Movie invokes a spirit of the early 1900's while remaining quite easy to read and surprisingly versatile.
LHF Full Block font
Classic sign painter's workhorse alphabet. Used especially in the early 1900's. All the greats like Atkinson, Imelli and Matthews had their own version. Includes numbers, full punctuation and accents.
LHF Victoria font
Yet another beautiful creation from the mind of John Studden. Includes 2 fonts, with full punctuation and numerals. LHF Victoria 2 contains alternate caps.
LHF Stanford Script font
An unusual and fun to use script with many alternate ending characters for a custom hand-painted look. Especially suited for vehicle signage.
LHF Burbank font
John Studden created this typeface specifically to match old lettering for the Burbank City Fire Department in California. Includes Regular and Block Shadow versions, full punctuation & accents.
LHF Quantum font
A Modern typeface well suited for applications where an extended letterstyle is needed. Regular & Convex versions. Includes numbers, full punctuation and accents.
LHF Casablanca font
Inspired by the Casablanca ceiling fan company logos and signage.
LHF Speedstyle font
Arthur Vanson invented this semi-script with influence from the great Cecil Wade.
LHF Valencia font
Unusual condensed style from legendary sign artist John Studden. Bold, strong letters with thick strokes allow for numerous design treatments such as lines or bevel effects.
LHF Imperial font
You'll find Imperial to be quite suitable for replicating labels and signage from the late 1800's to early 1900's era. All letters have been drawn from scratch and are original, direct from Mark's own hands to your computer. Includes 39 bonus alternates and ligatures.
LHF Bakersfield font
Mark Searfoss has carefully mitered the serifs of each letter to ensure they aren't too sharp, which makes it easier to outline too. Includes 16 bonus alternates and ligatures.
LHF Sawbones font set
Sawbones (with two versions included) is authentic western Americana. Easy to read and compact, it works well for signs, labels and book covers.
LHF Resolute font
Resolute is an elegant, yet very readable layered font set from Mark Searfoss. You'll enjoy experimenting with the lined Shadow and Outline fonts intended to be layered behind the Regular font. The large, decorative caps are a nice compliment to the smaller caps placed on the lowercase keys. Includes 43 bonus alternates.
LHF Spindly font
This lean and lanky font was inspired by lettering discovered on an old rusty floor finish tin. Spindly is great for signage, book covers, short headlines and more. Includes four layered fonts: Regular, Outline, Shadow 1 and Shadow 2.
LHF Olde Hickory font
Styled after stock certificates from the late 1800's, Olde Hickory from Mark Searfoss features tall, thin letters with small serifs set at a slight angle for added personality. Includes 4 fonts: Regular, Shadow, Spur and Spur Shadow.
Jeff's Word Pack
Australian signwriter Jeff Marshall hand-painted several useful words and phrases for you to use in your own designs. Only $29 each or $42 for both.
LHF Counselor
LHF Counselor features 7 fonts intended to be used together to create show-stopping vector bevel effects and 3D block shadows. Click here more details and to see why we're so proud of this latest creation.
$35 Per Font
Create your own custom discount package. For a limited time, add 4 or more qualifying fonts to your cart for only $35 each. Order as many as you like with no limits. Create your package now.
LHF Champ font
You'll be thrilled with the possibilities of this extensive font set from Mark Searfoss. Champ features 8 stacking fonts, including prismatic versions and 2 non-stacking versions for a total of 10 inspiring fonts.
Vector Mucha Lady
Download this fully vectorized .EPS Art Nouveau Lady illustration, free with any purchase. Expertly drawn by Patrick Kalange. Includes both outline and color versions. Select Mucha Lady at checkout.

In this short 4 part series, Patrick Kalange shows the steps he took to create the Prismatic version of the upcoming LHF Counselor font.
Lifetime Guarantee
Spend your time designing, not hassling with inferior fonts. Our Lifetime Guarantee promises that we'll repair any defective font or issue a refund or credit immediately. Rest easy knowing that we've got your back - for life. Details here.
LHF Unlovable font
The letters in this Chuck Davis font have been carefully designed to flow together and interact with each other so well that your customers will probably think you created their design by hand.
LHF Future Tense font
This modern style by Charles Borges, contains a whopping 2,583 glyphs and supports over 200 languages. 165 alternate characters allow for maximum creativity for your logos, signs, and packaging.
LHF Razer font
LHF Razer features sharp corners juxtaposed against curves & tall vertical strokes. This eye-catching font from Denise Bayers is perfect for truck lettering and signs. Set includes 5 versions: Regular, Shadow, Inset, Inset Shadow, and Spurs.
LHF Scarlet Script font
A font with a fade effect? Yes! Just add color. Everything you need to create eye-catching designs with fade effects, shadows, and outlines is included in LHF Scarlet Script from Denise Bayers. Download this 5 font set for only $49.
LHF Albury font
Albury from the talented Steve Contreras has a definite retro 70's vibe that makes it perfect for album covers, posters and generally anything artistic and handcrafted. You'll enjoy experimenting with the 4 layered fonts included. Each font includes 49 bonus glyphs and 17 bonus ligatures.
LHF Versatile font
LHF Versatile is the long-awaited stacking font set from Charles Borges that stands out with its warm and natural feel. Its generous x-height aids in legibility and function. The forms are modern, yet classic allowing this font to live up to its name as a truly versatile typeface for your next design or layout.
Emporium font
Inspired by 1920s era coffee tins, LHF Emporium lends itself to authentic turn of the century designs. Mark Searfoss carefully designed this 11 part set for maximum creativity. You'll have fun experimenting with 3 different types of shadows, 3 insets, and a spurred version, complete with 3 insets of its own.
LHF Amarillo 2 font
Amarillo2 is the perfect balance of readability and style. Set includes 3 weights: Thin, Regular, and Bold. Each weight includes layered Shadow and Rustic (distressed) fonts for you to be creative with. Special upgrade price for previous customers.
LHF Heller's Script font
John Studden and David Parr collaborated on this friendly, retro style script evoking the spirit of the 50's hand-drawn advertising world.
Using Photoshop Glyph Palette
In this short video, Patrick Kalange shows how to access your font's alternate characters using the Glyph Palette in Adobe Photoshop CC.
LHF Dixon Script font
Aussie signwriter Jeff Marshall does it again! Fans of his Jeff Marshall Script will appreciate the hand-lettered touches that make Dixon Script appear as though it flowed right off the brush.
Tutorial: Using Swashes
In this short video Patrick Kalange shows you how easy it is to add a decorative swash to the end of your lettering using our LHF Flash Script font set.
J.B. Vector Panel Free
Download this fully hand drawn vector .EPS panel free with any order of $99 or more. Expertly drawn by Patrick Kalange. Pieces can be separated as shown to suit your needs. Select J. B. Vaughn Panel at checkout.
LHF Lonerider font
Lonerider by Chuck Davis is a much-improved version of Fancy Full Round, featuring Regular and Spurs versions in 3 weights: Light, Medium, and Bold for a total of 6 fonts.
LHF Cavalero font
Denise Bayers has updated LHF Cavalero with an all new version featuring decorative uppercase, complete with an inset version and 2 stackable block shadows. With the addition of this new version you receive 8 fonts total.
LHF Mastercraft font
Mastercraft from Chuck Davis, is one of the most versatile fonts you'll ever use. From its fanciful decorative caps to the easy to read lowercase letters, we're certain you'll find many uses for this unusual 7 part set.
LHF Bandolier font
Denise Bayers designed the multi-layered LHF Bandolier font set to have a robust yet friendly feel. We're sure you'll find many uses for this hand-crafted font set. Set includes a Regular font and 2 stackable Shadow fonts.
LHF Desire font
LHF Desire by Charles Borges offers an expansive set of over 700 alternates for the designer, making it the perfect choice for books, magazines, packaging, branding and signage. Plus, download Borges Catchwords 1 for free.
62 More The's font
The sequel to our 62 Thes, these hand drawn variations of the word "The" have been expertly crafted by David Parr, and are ready to compliment your designs.
62 More Ands font
The sequel to our 62 Ands, these hand drawn variations of "And" & "Ampersand" have been expertly crafted by David Parr, and are ready to compliment your designs.
LHF Mister Kooky 2 font
A revision of the original Mister Kooky and Mister Spooky fonts released in 2001, these new fonts from Chuck Davis have been completely redrawn and feature lowercase letters. Download free with any purchase over $179.
LHF Inkling font
You'll love the hand-lettered, spontaneous feel of Stephanie Inman's LHF Inkling.
LHF Black Rose Script font
LHF Black Rose Script from Chuck Davis blends hand-lettering with modern technology and is loaded with custom ligatures and alternates.
Ransom font
LHF Ransom from Denise Bayers is a commanding font with sharp, sloping serifs. Set includes 4 fonts, Regular, Drop Shadow, Block Shadow and Convex.
Antique Half Block 2 font
The original, Atkinson inspired, Antique Half Block font released in 2002 has been completely overhauled. Antique Half Block 2 features extra bonus uppercase characters and all new lowercase characters. Set includes 4 fonts: Regular, Spurs, Rough, and Shadow.
Pandora font
Designers who appreciate classic lettering will enjoy the unique decorative flourishes on the caps of Pandora. The lowercase has been carefully designed to compliment these uppercase letters. You receive 4 fonts: Regular, Shadow 1, Shadow 2, and Inset.
Bandit font
This Sanborn Map inspired font from Denise Bayers has bold strokes, sharp sloping serifs and is finished off with a touch of decoration. Set includes 5 fonts: Regular, Overlay, Distressed, Drop Shadow, and Block Shadow.
LHF Desire Rough font
Charles Borges has created 2 new styles of his popular "LHF Desire" font set. "LHF Desire Rough" features distressing around the edges of the letters, while "LHF Desire Ragged" features distressing inside the letters as well. LHF Exclusive: receive Borges Catchwords 1 for free.
LHF Antique Shop font
Don't accept cheap auto-traced knockoffs. You've found the original, high-quality LHF Antique Shop set, first released in 2007 by Chuck Davis.
LHF Monogram Circle font
Set includes 4 fonts that work together to create quick and professional monogram designs. John Studden was inspired by early 1900's artist J.M. Bergling.
LHF Carnivál font
From the mind of Patrick Kalange comes this highly-imaginative font set reminiscent of old cigar labels and classic glass signage from the late 1800's. Set includes 4 fonts: Regular, Inset 1, Inset 2 & Block Shadow.
LHF Safire font
Sharp 4 font set with stylish curves, from Denise Bayers. Includes Shadow versions.
LHF Nugget font
Modeled after early 1900's Tuscan style lettering and re-imagined to include a decorative Inset & caps. Set includes 3 fonts.
LHF Boston Truckstyle font
Ken McTaque created one of our most popular typefaces with easy to read, bold characters.
LHF Monogram Diamond
Set includes 4 fonts that work together to create quick and professional monogram designs. Inspired by early 1900's artist J.M. Bergling.
LHF Jalopy Joe font
Styled after early 1900's lettering, Jalopy Joe lends itself to authentic period designs. Set includes 4 fonts: Regular, Distressed, Inset 1 & Inset 2.
LHF Ataboy 165 Font
Inspired from an early hand-lettering style circa 1927 by Samuel Welo. This unusual set from John Studden includes Regular and Shadow versions.
LHF Brooklyn font
John Davis' bold font, captures the letterstyle of the late 1800's posters and traveling circus prints. Set includes 8 fonts.
LHF Red Sable Script font
Arthur Vanson made another beauty. You're sure to have lots of fun with this one! 3 font set includes 2 scripts plus an 'Extras" font.
Free Sanborn Panel 2
Download this Sanborn Map Co. vector panel free with any purchase. Expertly drawn by Patrick Kalange. Select Sanborn Panel 2 at checkout.
LHF Dreadnought Font
This latest Sanborn Map Company inspired font from John Studden includes 20 alternates and ligatures. See other Sanborn inspired fonts here.
Corner Specimens Font
From talented artist Tom Kennedy comes 3 fonts packed with 36 decorative corners each, for a total of 108 unique corners perfect for adding flair to any design.
Free EV Cigar Panel
Download this carefully crafted vector cigar panel free with any purchase.
LHF 62 Ands font
62 hand drawn "Ands" expertly crafted and ready for your designs. Each letter corresponds to a unique and stylish "And" or "&".
LHF United Trade
John Studden's train style font includes 3 versions: Regular, Inset, and Block Shadow. Lends itself well to currency or train related designs. Perfect for your next Rap album.
LHF 36 Sales font
36 variations of the word "sale" packed into one font. Download it free with any $99 purchase.
LHF Ballpark Script font
Tom Kennedy's fun to use old-fashioned script comes with two fonts: LHF Ballpark Script and LHF Ballpark Swashes.
LHF Woodmere font
LHF Woodmere from John Davis, is a bold, masculine letter style inspired by old fire trucks from the late 1920's.
LHF Alpine Script font
Crisp, clean, and easy to read. Each font Features 21 alternates from artist Charles Borges. Looks good at all sizes.
LHF Ross Antique Roman Font
Classic period set from veteran sign artist John Studden. Useful when you need a touch of sophistication. Set includes 2 fonts and bonus alternates.
LHF Lakeside font
Designing is a breeze with this set from Dave Correll. You get a total of 6 different fonts to mix and match as you please.
LHF Flathead font
Modern racing typeface from John Davis includes regular and slanted versions. Both come complete with convex insets perfect for adding depth to your designs.
LHF Brushwork font
This easy to read calligraphic style from sign artist Dave Correll, was originally created for his own logo.
LHF Goldsmith Script Font
Old fashioned script with hand-lettered appearance. Includes swashes for the ends of words, numbers, full punctuation & accents.
LHF Gloria font
Charles Borges took inspiration from old movie and travel posters to make this Art Deco period style font.
LHF Country Road font
A rustic and easy to read vintage Western style by John Studden. Watch the tutorial for tips on creating fade and line effects.
LHF Chicago Script font
This Charles Borges' script takes full advantage of the Open Type format with several automatic ligatures that occur as you type for a nicer fit.
LHF Roebuck Font
With sharp serifs and bold letters, LHF Roebuck is distinctly masculine. It was used on the 2013 Johnny Cash stamp design by Greg Breeding. See more bold designs.
LHF Engravers Ornaments font
Tom Kennedy wanted to do a collection of thin line ornaments and rules inspired by classic letterheads from the late 1800's. Tom's Engraver's Ornaments 1 features 62 different ornaments.
Arthur Vanson's 3 essential scripts that are neither too dainty or formal, yet retain an air of sophistication. Wide strokes allow for many creative possibilities.
LHF Spencer font
Veteran sign artist John Studden created this font to exemplify the quirkiness of late 1800's lettering. Uppercase is set below the baseline, adding a hand drawn look.
LHF Firehouse Font
Reminiscent of old stock certificates, Tom Kennedy has created a stunning and versatile font that allows for horizontal stretching.
LHF Ascribe font
David Parr designed this useful Calligraphic set to have an old-world Middle Eastern feel, but with enough simplicity to use in modern designs.
LHF Royal Crimson Font
Denise Bayers has added 3 new versions to this decorative font set. Now includes 6 fonts with a new set of uppercase, shadow and inset characters.
LHF Convecta
This Chuck Davis font set allows you to easily create prismatic-styles without any editing of the font itself. Watch the tutorial.
LHF Ephemera font
Tom Kennedy's old fashioned script was inspired by letterheads from the late 1800's and early 1900's. Set includes three fonts including a swash font.
Borges Catchwords 1 font
Only from Letterhead Fonts: Set of 26 catchwords crafted from several of Charles Borges' fonts. Included free with any Charles Borges font.
LHF Tallington font
A stylized version of gas-pipe lettering, Tallington is bold and commanding. Includes 2 versions: Modern & Traditional.
LHF Stunt Roman font
Classic and understated from John Studden, Stunt Roman's elegant and graceful strokes make it the perfect typeface for designs requiring classical sophistication.
LHF Esoteric 3 font
This latest incarnation of Esoteric features 3 fonts: Regular, Spurs, and Fancy.
LHF Milkman Font
A retro inspired half-script from logo guru Mike Erickson. Great for friendly designs. See more...
LHF Divine font
An easy-to-read Blackletter style from Dave Correll. LHF Divine has a hand-lettered personality that keeps it from being too stiff.
LHF Birgitta Font
A beautiful Roman style that never seems to go out of style. The thin strokes and curves are pleasing to the eye, making it perfect for signs.
LHF Handyman font
LHF Handyman from Patrick Kalange, is a fresh take on 1940's traditional Gothic sign lettering. Handy for logos, signs, and poster work.
LHF Comic Caps 2 font
Direct from the hand of Chuck Davis, this completely updated version features all new letters and includes bonus swashes and balloons designed to compliment the letters.
LHF English Rose Font
Vintage Victorian from Dave Smith. Perfect for achieving a quick formal look.
LHF Durango Font
This rustic Western style set from Denise Bayers was inspired by the opening credits and title of the 1957 version of 3:10 to Yuma. In addition to 4 fonts, you get 5 bonus words and scrolls.
LHF Quadrex
The original ground-breaking prismatic style comprised of 4 separate sides that give you a realistic 3D effect. Watch the short tutorial and see how easy it is to use.
LHF Wade Grotesque Font
A Roman based grotesque by Arthur Vanson, inspired by the work of Cecil Wade. This type of lettering was used for headlines on showcards and posters from the twenties onwards.
LHF Scriptana Font
Hand-lettered script created with a calligraphic nib. This Chuck Davis original has a rough and loose appearance which helps retain its personal feel.
LHF Billhead font
The original Anna Banana font has been completely redrawn and re-kerned from scratch by Dave Corell. Use this fun sign painter's casual for anything from signs to cereal boxes!
LHF Woodmere font
A sophisticated and serious style from John Davis. The narrow letters make it perfect for book and movie titles.
LHF Becker No. 45 font
3 fonts perfect for conveying messages quickly and clearly. Includes regular, shadow, and spurs versions.
LHF Hudson Font
Delicate strokes and rounded serifs set this Art Deco font apart from the rest. Includes many useful alternates and ornaments.
LHF Factory font
This beauty from Dave Smith gives any design an old fashioned look without overpowering the design or hindering readability. Includes lowercase alternates.
LHF Country Road font
John Studden created this vintage Western style to look rustic, while being easy to read. Watch the tutorial for tips on creating fade and line effects.
LHF Fat Cat font
With a 30's/40's era appeal, Fat Cat is ideal for retro designs. Includes alternates.
LHF Enchanted font
Easy to read letters makes it a nice substitute for fancier scripts. Use where you need a casual yet elegant script.
LHF Coffee Shop font
Dave Correll's bouncy bold letters attract attention when paired with a thinner font. Includes a Fancy version.
LHF Blacksmith font
Dave Correll mixed Western & modern styles for this unique Blacksmith set. Comes with free bonus decorative panels and scrolls.
LHF Cincinnati Poster font
Timeless poster one-stroke, variations have been seen since the invention of the poster-brush up to the present. This one was developed from a plate in an old "Signs of the Times" magazine.
LHF Essendine 2 font
A traditional Roman typeface done brush style. Inspired by the legendary Trajan's Column. Comes with a bonus Extras font featuring over 50 decorations.
LHF Conclave font
Set includes 3 fonts: Flat, Round, and Sharp. The geometrical angles give Conclave its masculine appearance.
LHF Bergling Panels font
An assortment of 42 expertly drawn decorative vector panels in the form of a single font. Download the panel above for free.
LHF Americana Panels font
Over 70 of the finest panels from Mike Jackson. Each letter generates a finished panel, so all you need to do is add text and color.
LHF Big Top font
John Studden found a book featuring old photos of fairs and circuses in England and was inspired to recreate some of the lettering seen on the signs. Features 2 versions: Regular and Shadow.
LHF Gunslinger font
A revision of the Outlaw font with cleaned up points, character alterations, new kerning and extras. Includes 3 versions: Good, Bad & Ugly (as an homage to the famous Western).
LHF Sedona font
The thick strokes of the letters make this font stand out from other Roman styled text. Includes Regular and Bold, both with capital and lower-case letters for any occasion.
LHF Iron Knight font
Bold, commanding Gothic style with Celtic influences. Perfect for Medieval style games and logos. Pair with some of our Old English fonts for an authentic Renaissance-era look.
LHF Flamingo Script font
Dave Correll's retro style font is perfect for adding an 80's flair to your designs. With unlimited uses and a large selection of alternates, this casual script is sure to become one of your favorites.
LHF Verdi font
Francis Lestingi's Verdi is a Calligraphic yet bold style that strays from the norm of most thinner Calligraphic fonts. Thicker strokes allow for more opportunity within the letters to be creative.
LHF Big Dog font
Big Dog is a multi-part prismatic (convex) font. Users type with the base fonts and apply the convex fonts on top. This results in a crisp vector based bevel effect that is easy to manipulate independently of the letters themselves.
LHF Shelsey font
This 50's style font from Arthur Vanson is suitable for retro projects. Set includes 2 fonts, Regular and the "Extras" font which includes designs and swashes.
LHF Yuma font
John Studden's Western style font was inspired by the opening credits of the original 1957 classic film "3:10 to Yuma."
LHF Cameo font
Cameo is a perfect substitute for the overused "Copperplate" font and works well where an extended classic typeface is required.
LHF Cool Blue 2 font
A complete revamp of the original Cool Blue font set released in 2002. Features all new styling and improved kerning. Cool Blue 2 projects a friendly, yet professional image making it perfect for logos.
LHF Fine Cut font
This typeface is the solution for creating old fashioned designs where a hint of sophistication is required. Fits perfectly in vertical areas.
LHF Bank Note font
Original uses for this typeface included stock certificates and bills. Includes 2 versions, full punctuation and accents.
LHF Chesham Sans font
Classic hand-lettered typeface. Often (however misnamed) referred to as "signpainter's Gothic." Set includes 4 styles : Regular, Bold, Slim, and Light. A refreshing alternative to the over-used Helvetica styles.
LHF Logomotive font
A utilitarian typeface with a twist. Created by graphic designer Mike Erickson.
LHF Novela font
Inspired by an antique theater poster from the early 1900's, Novela is a one of a kind style that's perfect for designs that need to project class and sophistication.
LHF Confection font
Nearly a year in production, Confection is a truly inspired and masterful work. Set includes 4 different versions designed to be used together. Each font includes bonus alternates.
LHF Sheridan Script font
Retro-inspired font set from sign artist David Parr. Includes 6 different versions with 15 bonus alternates on seldom used punctuation keys. No doubt you'll find many uses for these eye-catching scripts.
LHF Basher font
Fun to use, casual style from Dave Correll. Package includes both Regular and Bold styles.
LHF Five & Dime font
Handy 40's/50's style inspired by sign painter E.C. Matthews. Perfect for logos and posters. Features small serifs for streamlined readability.
LHF Main Street Panels font
36 of the best old fashioned panels from Golden Era Studios' "Main Street Collection CD."
LHF Heritage font
Classic and understated. Beautifully balanced letters fit together masterfully to create a very serious and stately mood. Your clients will appreciate the authentic vintage appearance it gives their designs, without being too Western or over-the-top.
LHF Hindlewood font
A terrific collection of 6 authentic Old English typefaces from Arthur Vanson.
LHF Hamilton Nailhead font
Inspired by an early 1900's handbill from the Hamilton Bank Note Engraving & Printing Company.
LHF Cosmic Cursive font
Inspired by a 1940's "Century" record. This fun to use font from Tom Kennedy is great for anything.
LHF Sanborn Thin font
David Parr's Sanborn Thin font set is inspired by the Sanborn Map Company's 1909 insurance map catalog. Set includes 2 fonts: Regular & Shadow versions.
LHF Centennial Panels 1 font
Arthur Vanson brings us this unusual style with lots of personality. Especially well-suited for showcards and banners. But with it's distinct hand-lettered appearance, Opening Night can be used for a variety of projects.
LHF Cartoon Cowboy font
Fun to use casual Western style from Chuck Davis. Letters are staggered (some are higher than others) for a loose hand-lettered look.
LHF King Edward font
Inspired from an early 1900's certifcate, King Edward includes 4 different fonts for one price.
LHF State Fair font
Mike Jackson's bold State Fair is reminiscent of lettering used on old stock certificates and letterhead from the late 1800's. With its extra wide letters and ornate features, State Fair commands attention. Download the complete 3 font set and receive the State Fair Panels font free.
LHF Fat Daddy font
Art Deco style, inspired by 1940's era sign painter Alf Becker. Includes 7 fonts.
LHF Fat Daddy font
A modified version of Fancy Full Round suggested by fellow type designer Mike Erickson. Includes numbers, full punctuation and accents.
LHF Pickle Barrel font
Veteran sign painter Dave Correll brings us this eye-catching font. Curved serifs on each of the letters make it highly unique, giving the font a rugged, western feel.
LHF Stratford font
A Gothic style typeface with a lot of personality. A nice alternative to the commonly over-used Gothic fonts.
LHF Hick Sticks
Chuck Davis taps into his hillbilly roots to bring you this fun distressed casual set. Includes two fonts with special (patent pending) "Ho-down" technology: alternating upper and lowercase letters by TyPiNg LiKe ThIs will juggle the letters up and down.
LHF Hastings Gold font
John Studden modeled these letters after the old Hastings & Co. gold leaf packs from the 1800's. Small caps are designed to appear raised like the original logo.
LHF Cafe Corina font
Enjoy this one of a kind custom creation from Chuck Davis. Beautiful curves make it a must have. Features a few automatic substitutions for those programs that support them.
LHF Prentice font
Great casual style from Dave Correll that can be used at small sizes. Lined and solid versions work well together as both main and secondary text. Set includes 4 versions: Regular, Fancy, Inline and Fancy Inline.
LHF Ringer font
An old fashioned pre-1930's style, useful for replicating the look and feel of antique advertising. Inspired by an old sign lettering book. Includes several alternates.
LHF Palace Bold font
Bold Art Deco style featuring variations on the lower case keys and multiple alternate characters.
LHF Piranha Script font
This Dave Correll script features sharp edges for bold, attention-grabbing results. Goes well with our racing package.
LHF Saratoga Panels 4 font
37 panels from Golden Era Studios' "Saratoga Collection". All 37 of these panels are exclusive to Letterhead Fonts. Typing each letter generates a different design.
LHF Old Abe font
Inspired from an old cigar label. A fine piece of craftsmanship wrapped up nicely within 2 fonts. Regular and Outline versions with alternates.
LHF Shopfront font
John Studden's highly unique typeface was inspired by the "Shopfronts" book which showcases various shopfronts and signage throughout England.
LHF Preston font
With late 1800s appeal, LHF Preston has a bold and classic look. Includes numbers, full punctuation and accents.
LHF Hexagon Modern font
Art Deco style inspired by signpainter Alf R. Becker. Includes lowercase letters in 3 styles: Regular, Shadow & Outline.
LHF Saratoga Panels 1 font
39 panels from Golden Era Studios' "Saratoga Collection." All 39 of these panels are exclusive to Letterhead Fonts. Typing each letter generates a different design.
LHF Colonial Roman font
A classic Roman style from Tom Kennedy inspired by the 1895 edition of Henderson's Modern Signwriter.
LHF Henderson font
An excellent example of early 1900's sign artistry, brought back to life by Mike Jackson. LHF Henderson is an easy to read Western style that lends itself well to subcopy.
LHF Squeezebox font
Retro casual style from David Parr. Unusual boxy serif style lends itself to a wide variety of uses. Subtle bowing in of the letters and serifs gives this font its unique hand-lettered personality.
LHF Stonecutter font
Dave Correll's 2 font set was created to be legible at nearly any size. Has a personable, organic feel without being cartoonish.
LHF Sinclair font
The bold letters of this late 1800's style catch the eye and allow you to be creative with bevel effects or ornamentation inside.
LHF Sugargirl font
Highly unusual style from Chuck Davis. Useful for truck lettering or race cars. Set includes 4 fonts, all with uppercase, lowercase, full punctuation and numerals.
LHF Classic Roman 2 font
John Studden's variation of a classic Roman style inspired by the Trajan Column in Rome, Italy. Includes 7 bonus alternates for variation.
LHF Jewelo font
Old fashioned style from Dave Smith. Inspired by an old cigar label we found. Easy to read at small sizes.
LHF Seranoa font
Terrific Calligraphic style from Rob Cooper. Nice for semi-formal applications. Includes numbers, full punctuation and accents.
LHF Broadway Elements font
2 fonts consisting of the best old fashioned ornaments from Golden Era Studios' "Broadway Collection CD." Each font contains 36 expertly drawn decorations, corners and accents perfect for creating unique panels and borders.
LHF Smalts font
Two fonts: Regular & Shadow. Includes numbers, full punctuation and accents.
LHF Union Thug font
A handy 50's era "Stovepipe" style you're sure to find lots of uses for. Two different styles on the uppercase and lowercase keys.
LHF Chapman font
Glass artisan Dave Smith brings us another Victorian era classic. Many possibilities can be achieved by mixing caps with small caps and altering the sizes.
LHF Winchester 73 font
John Studden's Western style font is inspired by the title screen of the 1950 film "Winchester '73".
LHF Saddleback font
John Studden cleverly combines both elegance and rugged Western styles to create LHF Saddleback.
LHF Thick and Thin font
Henderson-inspired typeface from the early 1900's. Includes 2 fonts.
LHF Western Rose font
Beautiful enough by itself, this set also includes two special fonts: LHF Western Rose Outside and LHF Western Rose Inside. These 2 fonts are intended to be used together to create decorative effects in the letters. Using two separate fonts allows you to change the color easily without the need to break apart the letters.
LHF Springfield font
LHF Springfield is perfect for recreating the look of old stock certificates and letterheads. Inspired by early 1900's Sanborn Insurance Maps published by the Sanborn Map Company.
LHF Understudy font
Chuck Davis' useful easy-to-read typeface with small understated serifs. Well suited for subcopy that doesn't overpower the main message.

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